American Certified Solar Technician
Solar technicians are the sunlight navigators, harnessing the power of photons with technical finesse and unwavering precision. They dance atop rooftops, orchestrating installing and maintaining solar systems and painting landscapes with renewable energy hues. In this dynamic role, they're the troubleshooters, the innovators, and the guardians of a sustainable tomorrow, shaping a brighter, cleaner future one panel at a time. The ACST credential tests an applicant's skills in electrical wiring, system troubleshooting, Solar system installation under compliance and regulations, and blueprinting.
ITI/ITC in Relevant Trade
Exam Outline
Job Prospects
  • Solar Technician
  • Solar Maintenance Specialist
  • Solar Sales Representative
  • Solar Design Engineer
  • Solar Energy Consultant
  • Field Service Technician
  • Quality Assurance Manager

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